Harvard University Academy Scholarships for International Students

By | April 25, 2024

Harvard University, a beacon of academic excellence, attracts brilliant minds from across the globe. But what if finances are a hurdle to your Harvard aspirations? Fear not, international students! The prestigious Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies offers several scholarship programs specifically tailored to support your academic journey. Buckle up as we explore these opportunities and unlock the doors to your Harvard dream.

1. Academy Scholars Program:

This prestigious program welcomes recent PhD recipients and advanced doctoral candidates in the social sciences. It’s a two-year postdoctoral fellowship, offering:

  • Full financial support: Tuition, living expenses, and research funds are covered, making it a fully-funded dream come true.
  • Intellectual community: Join a vibrant cohort of scholars, fostering collaboration and mentorship.
  • Research freedom: Pursue your research passion with dedicated support and guidance from renowned faculty.

Amount: This program covers all financial needs, making it a life-changing opportunity without financial burdens. This can offer up to $50,000 wavier.

2. Regional and Country-Specific Scholarships:

The Academy also offers scholarships targeted at specific regions and countries, such as:

  • Korea-Harvard Academy Fellowship: Supports outstanding Korean scholars in the social sciences.
  • Japan-Harvard Academy Fellowship: Open to Japanese scholars with a focus on international studies.
  • South Asia Scholarship: Empowers scholars from South Asia to pursue research in the social sciences.

Amount: The specific amounts for these scholarships vary between $50,000 – $85,000, but they offer significant financial support to alleviate tuition and living expenses.

3. Harvard Graduate School Scholarships:

Several Harvard Graduate Schools offer scholarships for international students, including:

  • John F. Kennedy Scholarship for International Students: Supports international students with exceptional academic potential and demonstrated financial need.
  • Aga Khan Scholarship: Provides funding for postgraduate studies to students from developing countries.
  • Goldie Initiative: Empowers women pursuing graduate studies in business with a focus on real estate.

Amount: Scholarship amounts vary depending on the program and individual needs. However, they offer substantial financial assistance between $35,000 – $55,000.

Scholarship Application Tips

To maximize your chances of success, remember these tips:

  • Showcase academic excellence: Highlight your research achievements and intellectual contributions.
  • Demonstrate research potential: Articulate a compelling research proposal with clear objectives and impact.
  • Emphasize international focus: Show how your research bridges disciplines and transcends geographical boundaries.
  • Meet deadlines: Submit your application well in advance of the designated date.

Embark on Your Harvard Journey

With dedication and the right scholarship opportunity, your Harvard dream can become a reality. Research the programs, tailor your application, and take the leap! Remember, the Academy welcomes diverse perspectives and groundbreaking ideas. So, let your passion shine and embark on your transformative academic journey at Harvard University.


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