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Why Pier Was Shown A Red Card After The Final Whistle Was Blown

by Vibecity

The game between Levante and Atletico Madrid was full of many dramas. Fans have continued to react to the main events that happened during the game.

Note that Levante got a late goal to steal a point from the La Liga Champions.

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On the other, note that major highlights of the game were the penalty call against Atletico Madrid, Simeone red card, the eight minutes of additional time, and some decisions made by the referee.

Well, the article will focus on why a Levante defender, Rober Pier, was shown a red card after the full-time whistle was blown. Take a look!

Note that after Levante got his late equalizer from the penalty spot, 8 minutes was added because there were so many interruptions during the game.

After this additional time elapsed, Gonzalez Fuertes blew the final whistle to end the game. After this, Rober Pier led a protest against the referee and complained that he should have let them finish the counterattack.

It was these complaints that attracted a second yellow card for Rober Pier. He was subsequently shown a red card for his protest.

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