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Was Ronaldinho In His Prime More Gifted Than Messi

by Vibecity

Football is a simple yet complex and there are many departments in it. The word gift can be used for many things. For instance Thomas Muller.

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If you watch him, he is not a dribbler, not a great shooter nor lightning quick nor he is beast by physicality. Yet he was irreplaceable part of a World cup and 2 times Champions league winning squad. One of which was arguably the best team of this decade.

So why do managers keep him in the team. Because he is always at the right place at the right time.

Messi holds the record of highest number of dribbles completed in a single game along with Neymar. However unlike Neymar, Messi did it against a quality side. A UCL winning side which was arguably Man Utd’s best side ever. I am not even including playmaking and goal scoring but just dribbling.

Messi dribbles by just running on his opponent. Simply running and apart from him, there was only one other player who did this.

This the art of Clean dribbling which you start to appreciate only after you watch the game for significantly long time. Just think you are Messi for a second . You can do a job just by going through basic methods which are more effective, so why would you bother do it some other way.

Ify are a noob and you go to youtube and watch skills you will think Ronaldinho is more gifted because he had more tricks in his bag but the truth is he had more skills because he can not dribble the way Messi and Maradona did.

Ronaldinho is by far most entertaining player. If I have to pay to watch either Messi or Ronaldinho, I will pay for Ronaldinho but is he more gifted than Messi. Same goes without saying that Messi is better than Ronaldinho, but that really doesn’t matter with that statement only half weighed in value because Ronaldinho as a player has been way different to be considered within the scope of comparison. He royally sits on top a unique throne having earned the distinction of being in a different league because he is perhaps the only player that can be done away with without comparison.


He isn’t the second someone where as the first Ronaldinho. He has been the only one in the history of the game to have perfectly blended entertainment and efficiency, there hasn’t ever been someone like him before and might not probably ever be.

This man was never there to be taken for comparison with another great, he was a source of exciting marvel and joy with his art. He would enjoy playing his game and in the process made us enjoy watching him, there was love, warmth, excitement, tenderness everything which he conveyed with the ball, his feet and the ball gelled well enough to host your emotions and make your day.

Yeah, he’s no match to messi but as said above, it’s the case of ronaldinho gaucho, why should he get down to the boring aspect of comparison, for there are just none like him.









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T&C’s apply, 18+



T&C’s apply, 18+

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