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Tottenham Sacking Jose Mourinho Might Be The Reason For Harry Kane Struggles

by Vibecity

Harry Kane struggle, so far this season have been a major cause of alarm, amongst Spurs fan, the decline in his form couldn’t have been imagined.

While some may blame it on his inability to make that move to Manchester City, during the summer transfer window, it actually might be something entirely different.

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Let’s have a quick look at this statistics, in Jose Mourinho last five games in charge, and after his sacking.

In Jose Mourinho last five games, Harry Kane recorded 5 goals in those five games, after Jose Mourinho left, he scored just twice (2).

This season, he is yet to score a goal in the league, all his goals have come in either the, Europa conference league, or the Carabao cup.

This decline in form, all happened after Jose Mourinho sack.

It’s very obvious that, while Harry Kane tried to force a move to Manchester City in the past season, he never talked about money, his main intention was to get a trophy, saying it quite often, of his desire to win a trophy.

In one of Jose Mourinho press conference, while still at Tottenham, he said, I quote “This is Harry Kane Tottenham,” this was to show how important, Harry Kane was to the team, in so many games, Harry Kane actually put the team on his shoulders to ensure they could push on.

Jose Mourinho taking Tottenham to the Carabao cup final, all proved Kane point. He was determined to lift that team, but after that sacking of Jose Mourinho, it seems like, all the fight left his body.

In the games that Harry Kane has scored this season, has being mostly in cups game, were he still believes that just maybe, he could lift a title this season.

The best advice anyone can give to both Harry Kane, and Tottenham is this, settle this issue amicably, and let Kane leave the club, because its quite obvious to anyone, that Tottenham doesn’t offer anything that motivates Harry Kane.

So, maybe come January, any club that present a suitable offer, let Harry Kane go.

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