• December 7, 2023
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Grants for Foreign Undergraduate Studies at London South Bank University in the UK in 2023

good news The Chancerygate Fund Bursary for African and Caribbean Students has been announced by London South Bank University for the academic year 2022–2023. Both incoming and enrolled international students may apply to the program at this time.

This scholarship opportunity is open to anyone who identify as being of African or Caribbean descent and who want to participate in certain undergraduate surveying programs leading to RICS accreditation. It will motivate capable students to overcome challenges and carve out successful, long-term careers in the real estate industry.

The University of London South Bank
Formerly known as London South Bank University, Borough Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1892. The LSBU is located in Elephant and Castle, London. LSBU hopes to have an influence on people’s lives, communities, businesses, and society at large via practical education and insight. According to Times Higher Education, London South Bank University is rated 801 in the entire globe.

In addition, LSBU is committed to provide its students the best chances and education possible. It suggests that we give our students the qualifications, expertise, and skills necessary for their professions. We want to be recognized as a leader in practice-led learning and for fostering the development of graduates who are capable of addressing both business and societal issues.

Selection Standards:

You declare yourself to be of African and Caribbean descent.
Your annual household income is less than £25,000.
When you begin the course, you won’t be older than 26.
The first member of your family to pursue higher education is you.
You declare oneself to be handicapped or to have a particular learning disability.
You are alienated from your family or have previously been placed in care in the UK.
Social services acknowledge your young adult career status.
With a BTEC as your primary credential, you are enrolling in higher education.
You are a mature student without a bachelor’s degree who will be at least 21 years old on September 1 before you begin your study.

Beneficiaries who are students will get £10,000 per year for living expenses and opportunity to gain practical job experience in the sector.
With the exception of those taking a placement year, the bursary will be provided to students enrolled in multi-year degree programs for each year of study.
The scholarship will be distributed to beneficiaries in two equal payments of $5,000 each.
Students must advance to their following year of study in order to continue receiving the bursary.
Application Process: Applicants must register with the university’s LSBU Online Application System. International undergrads may apply through UCAS. Please contact us at breakingbarriers@lsbu.ac.uk after that.
The institution offers a BSc in building surveying or a BSc in quantity surveying as appropriate majors.

Documentation Needed
Your application must contain each of the aforementioned supporting papers (we cannot accept separate supporting documents by email).

Declaration of Self (maximum 250 words per question)
Your best qualities and past successes. Both intellectual and personal accomplishments are acceptable.
What do you intend to do after your course is over?
What effects and reasons will the financial help have on you and your studies?
criteria for entry
The candidates must fulfill both the merit standards and any other prerequisites.
The candidates must verify and satisfy the university’s English language proficiency standards.