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Head-to-head Career Achievements Of Luis Suarez And Lewandowski

by Vibecity

Football is blessed with amazing players, and from different parts of the world, we have seen players with amazing skills and abilities. Arguably, two of these players are Luis Suarez and Robert Lewandowski.

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One is from Uruguay (Suarez), while the other is from Poland (Lewandowski), and the two of them are playing for their national teams respectively. The two of them are among the top-rated players in the world today, and this is because of all they have achieved in their respective football careers.

Being strikers, we will be comparing their respective achievements, and we will be rating the best player out of the two.

Their achievements will not include the number of trophies they have won, but the number of goals they have scored in their respective careers, and the total assists created. This will include all records in international games and club levels.

Check their respective records below:

• Luis Suarez – he has scored 509 goals both in international games and club level and has recorded 278 assists.

• Robert Lewandowski – he has scored 550 goals both in international games and club level and has recorded 155 assists.

This means that Lewandowski has scored more goals than Suarez, but on the other hand, Suarez has created more assists than Lewandowski.

Thinking about the positive impact, Suarez can be said to be a player that has contributed a lot to the success of his teammates over the years, and he has created more chances for other players to score.

Playing with Lionel Messi and other players in Barcelona, he has created a lot of chances for them to score, and that shows he’s not the only one that always scores for his team.

Currently, Lewandowski is 33 years of age, while Suarez is 34 years old. This means that Suarez is doing much better than every other player of the same age range.

Despite Suarez’s achievements and contributions so far, he seems not to be as rated as Lewandowski, and this might be because of Lewandowski’s recent performance in his club. Recently, Lewandowski has been scoring more goals than expected of a player of his age, and as such, this has made more people love him and support him.

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