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Football Betting Strategy that Guarantees Steady monthly Cashout

by victor

Football Betting Strategy that Guarantees Steady monthly Income

Football Betting Strategy that guarantees steady income monthly is what we have been working on for the past 6 months. Today we are going to explain how the football betting strategy we discovered works. Bear in mind that we have tested this football betting strategy, and the chances for you to lose are properly managed.

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This football betting strategy is a prediction of 3 games in a bet slip. The experts of Victors Prediction carefully analyze this prediction. The prediction in the bet slip must come from a sportsbook. This prediction may have 2.2 odd in some cases, but the maximum possible odds are 3 odds. That is why we say that the average daily odds is 2.5 odds. It doesn’t actually mean that we will be providing you 2.5 odds daily. This prediction comes from the best possible outcome in the selected matches.


We would want you to bear in mind that you may have 5 streak losses for proper loss management before winning. Because of this, the shock of losing will make you give up. To manage losses, we would advise you to plan yourself accordingly regarding the risk of losing. We strongly advise you to divide your stake by 5 and increase your stake the following month or two months. If there are 7 days losing streak, we will advise you to have a two-week break from sports betting. Nevertheless, the possibility of losing in 7 days might not really be possible.


Our football betting strategy can give a 3 to 6 days winning streak. Bear in mind that the excitement of a winning streak might make you want to stake higher or start playing random games till you blow your betting wallet. Monthly Cashout is the target. We advise you to have proper self-control and play the free games published on Victor Prediction.


We publish the games for free on our website. Actually, it is the free games on our website that you are expected to stake. Note that if you play along with us, you will be making huge money monthly. Why don’t you take advantage of the great opportunity and play our free games for 30 days with stable staking power and earn a reasonable monthly cashout?


We have prepared an investment call calculator that helps you see the estimated winning you are meant to expect monthly. Note that this calculator helps you see the expected monthly cashout or winning, not the actual amount you will win at the end of the month.

Below is the calculator. Kindly input only your daily stake and allow the calculator to tell you your estimated monthly cashout.

Happy winning as you enjoy this football betting strategy and cash out monthly. No matter what happens, bear in mind that we got your back and are ready for answers and complaints. Kindly chat with us on Telegram. Visit our contact page for telegram details telegram.


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Boost your earnings with our Premium membership. Our Premium Members bags 10 to 300 odds on Saturdays and Sundays. They also have access to jackpot prediction. Our major target in this type of prediction is to win this type of bet at least once a weekend. There is also an option to backup the stake in other not to lose because high odds have high chances of losing. This an added hudge winning to your monthly cashout. With this, you can be sure of additional winnings to boost your cashout and replace your losses in your cashout. Click here to be a Premium Member at the rate of 2000 naira monthly.

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