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Christian Pulisic Injury Is Poorly Managed By Chelsea

by Vibecity

Christian Pulisic Injury Is Poorly Managed By Chelsea And As Chelsea Must Be Patient With Him

Christian Pulisic moved to Chelsea was a welcome development at the time the moved happened.

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So many Chelsea fans welcomed the American captain with so much optimism and expectations were high.

The young American have been battling with injuries of all sort since his arrival. Just when it looks like he getting into his best form injury will striker. The case of Christian Pulisic injury woes can be compared to that of Arjen Robben who was badly managed by Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea medical team at the time. Arjen Robben was always rushed back instead of giving him few minutes after his return from injury.

Currently, Thomas Tuchel on his part is really managing him well but the problem is with Chelsea medics.

Chelsea medical team should ask Bayern Munich what they did with Arjen Robben. Bayern Munich successfully managed Arjen Robben injury woes.

Chelsea should do the same with Christian Pulisic. From his dietaries to his body exercises and his gym work. Chelsea really have to study the American body build and understand it better so as to know better how to manage him.

Once Chelsea get a clear understanding of the player’s body system, Christian Pulisic injury woes will be a thing of the past.

After just two and half seasons in Chelsea, Christian Pulisic have missed 38 matches in all competitions. In terms of number of days out the young American have been out for 349 days. Arjen Robben missed 65 matches during his 3 years at Chelsea.

Chelsea must find away to help him stay over cover his injury woes and help him stay fit at all time.

While looking for a lasting solution to Christian Pulisic injury problems, Chelsea must be patient with the young American to avoid repeating Arjen Robben mistake.

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