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Augsburg’s Courage Paid-Off As They Defeated Bayern At Home

by Vibecity

What! a great day for Augsburg as they won Bayern Munich in thier first Bundesliga game after international break.

It’s still unbelievable to Bayern as they lost against Augsburg in WWK Arena on friday night.

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The result is really shocking because the two clubs are incomparable in terms of current form and quality of players present in both clubs. It’s a result that will pop-up many questions like: how did it happened?, Are you for real that almighty Bayern with Muller and Lewandoski lost against Augsburg?, Yet, it’s true. Augsburg deserved to be hallowed for thier lustrous evening outing.

Markus Weinzierl’s side fought a good fight that granted them victory. They didn’t show any sign of inferiority against Bayern from start to finish irrespective of calibers of players in thier opponents side.

Thier courage and determination paid-off from 23rd minutes of the game as Pedersen opened the score line, giving Augsburg the lead.

At 36th minutes, Hahn A increased thier score, making them two goals ahead in the match.

The score line threw Bayern players off but Lewandoski’s score in 38th minutes called-back thier hope of turning things around in the match.

Bayern possessed the match throughout the second half with hope of winning but Augsburg repelled thier attack.

They held them throughout second half and the match ended 2 – 1 in favour of Augsburg.

It was really a great day and wonderful outing for Augsburg and thier fans as thier win pulled them out from relegation zone. That’s enough to throw them in cloud nine.

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