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The University of Sussex is offering an international scholarship position in the UK for the academic year 2023-24


Apr 15, 2023

The deal is fantastic! Deserving UK students will be able to apply for the International Scholarship Awards starting in 2022.

Interested candidates must begin the application procedure now to be considered for this offer, which begins in 2023.

This is what Sussex University is all about:

It is the goal of the Department of Accounting and Finance to hire a full-time, permanent faculty member in the discipline of finance at the professorial level. Our firm is seeking a successful individual with a compelling research program to assist in the expansion of our sustainable finance program.

It is preferred but not necessary for the candidate to have experience in credit risk management, corporate innovation, or socially responsible finance.

Here is how to apply:

It would be helpful if candidates would submit a brief, up to two-page letter of application with a summary CV (no longer than four sides) that highlights their most important qualifications.

Also, complete our Equal Opportunity and Personal Information form [DOC 108.50KB].

We welcome expressions of interest to be sent to the following email address: seniorrecruitment@sussex.ac.uk.

Perks associated with application

A competitive and negotiable grade 10 for Professors based on experience and prior research results.


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