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Airtel YouTube Night Plan and How to Use It (Updated 2023)

What is the Airtel YouTube Night Plan?

Airtel YouTube Night plan is an affordable data plan from Airtel, an Indian telecommunications company for Nigerian subscribers. YouTube is one of the most used websites in Nigeria. People use it for Tutorials, uploading their shorts, and also to find interesting movies. With the unavailability of unlimited internet in Nigeria and the rate of inflation in the country, Airtel Nigeria has released an affordable number of plans for YouTube streaming.

What Time Does Airtel Youtube Night Plan Start

Youtube Night Plan starts from1 AM to 5 AM. Qualifying data plans can receive the Airtel YouTube night bonus. The bonus is not applicable to all plans; a few of the weekly and monthly plans.

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Simply put, this implies that Airtel’s YouTube night data service will operate from precisely 1:00 AM at midnight to precisely 5:00 AM in the early morning.

How to get YouTube Night Bonus and subscription code

If you plan to use the Airtel YouTune Night Plan in Nigeria, dial *423# and select the one you can afford. Furthermore, you can be eligible for an Airtel YouTube night bonus if you buy one of the monthly plans from N1,000 by using the code *141# and selecting monthly data plans.

Airtel YouTube Night Plan

How to Check Airtel Youtube Night Data Balance

To check your Airtel YouTube Night plan balance, simply dial *123*1# on your Android, IOS, Nokia touch, or Chinese phones.

Airtel YouTube Night Plan Prices

  1. N1000/1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube
  2. N300/300MB/7 days/ Video Plan
  3. N150/300MB/7 days/Night Video Plan

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