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Here Is How Solskjaer Can Lineup With Ronaldo And Cavani In Their Matches

by vibecity

Cristiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani first trended together worldwide when they played together in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Second Round that pitted Portugal against Uruguay.

Cavani suffered an injury in that match and that prompted Ronaldo to helped him out of the field of play.

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They are both world class strikers and met themselves again at Manchester United this summer when Cristiano Ronaldo rejoined the Red Devils from Juventus. Cavani surprisingly agreed to give him his No. 7 shit upon his arrival.

Up untill now, the coach of the squad Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is still having difficulty fielding them together in the team and most a times play one of them while neglecting the other on the bench. This doesn’t mostly work out at times, although when he benches Cavani and plays Ronaldo, results always goes his way. In my opinion, Solskjaer should lineup Ronaldo alongside Edinson Cavani in a 2-man attack in a ‘4-4-2’ formation. This will enable the two strikers to feed on balls from whoever is playing in midfield or as a full back and will ease the workload on the team. This is because playing a one-man attack can cause complications for the team sometimes as the lone forward may easily become tired

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