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2021 The Year We Started

by max

2021 sparked tremendous growth in victorsprediction.com. Victorprediction came into existence in March 2021. Today we have achieved a lot. Our app has over 5k downloads, we also achieved over 1500 followers on Facebook. And over 400 followers on telegram and a few subscribers on YouTube. We wish to thank you. Una weldone.

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I never believed we will grow this big I believe in 2021 although we started with a giveaway, at a point I big challenge hits us.

We had our challenges, our app was taken down by Google severally, the CEO the one you referred to as OGA VICTOR or OGABET, had an accident in September and since then things have been terrible, in fact, he has been in the hospital since then and we don’t know when he will be discharged but with those injuries of the accident, he kept predicting matches so you could win some money. we have incurred serial losses and improper management. But nevertheless, we move.

We move to 2022. A year of bigger winnings

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